Interim Executive Director

Interim executive director roles are central to my consulting practice. Executive transitions are transformational for nonprofits, and I love working with boards and staff to ensure that these times are smooth, productive, and rewarding. I have been interim executive director at a variety of organizations, from a homeless services nonprofit to a chamber music ensemble, from organizations with no paid staff to over a dozen employees.

An interim executive director can be helpful in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • When the outgoing executive director gives short notice and the board needs extra time to run a search;
  • Founder transitions, when the staff and board may need some time to adjust to new leadership;
  • Any time that the board feels unprepared to hire a permanent executive right away, whether for strategic or other reasons.

If you have an upcoming transition and are considering whether an interim executive director might be right for you, I would be happy to have a complimentary call to help you assess the situation.